Legal Notices

Special Meeting Notice

September 22, 2020 - Special City Council Meeting Notice

Public Hearings

Planning Commission Public Hearing- Ridgeline Vista Major Subdivision Plan

City Council Public Hearing- Building Codes

City Council Public Hearing- Second Creek Conditional Use Permit

Board of Adjustment Public Hearing- 129 N. 4th Ave Variance

City Council Public Hearing- Brighton Crossing Filing No. 7 Final Plat

Planning Commission Public Hearing- Brighton Crossing Filing No.7 Preliminary Plat

Planning Commission Public Hearing- Bromley Park PUD 25th Amendment

Legal Notices

Emergency Services Impact Fees Resolution 2017-122

2020 Fee Resolution No. 2019-123

2020 Recreation Center Fee Resolution No. 2019-97

2020 Community Development Fee Resolution No. 2019-136

Ordinance No. 2320 - Amending Water and Wastewater Fees

Recently Approved Ordinances

Ordinance No. 2335 - Great Western Oil and Gas Lease

Ordinance No. 2336 - Customer Assistance Program

Ordinance No. 2337 - Billing Cycles Regarding Water

Ordinance No. 2338 - Rules and Regulations for Parks, Park Facilities & Code Amendment

Ordinance No. 2339 -  Bromley Park Rezoning 63.62 Acre Property Ordinance

Ordinance No. 2340 - Refinancing of Certain Municipal Projects Pursuant to a Lease Transaction

Ordinance No. 2341 - Bromley Park Rezoning Planned Unit Development 2nd Amendment to the 25th Amendment

Ordinance No. 2342 -  Approving Access Easement for Metro Wastewater Reclamation District

Ordinance No. 2343 - Approving a Lease Agreement for City-Owned located at 124th Avenue 

Ordinance for Adopting of Article 15-2, Brighton Admin. Code of the Brighton Municipal Code (First reading)