Public Works & Transportation FAQ's

10 Common Public Works and Transportation

 Frequently Asked Questions

  1. My sidewalk or curb is damaged, who is responsible for repairs and maintenance? The property owner is responsible for maintenance and repairs of the curb, gutter, sidewalk, and common area adjacent to their property. This includes removing and replacing concrete, shoveling sidewalks, trimming trees, and general landscape maintenance
  2. My roadway has a pothole, who can I contact? You can contact our Public Works department for serious concerns, or for minor items place a request online through our Request Tracker or most current online system. In the wintertime, a temporary patch is placed as hot mix asphalt is generally not as available. For the remainder of the year, requests are collected and several locations are all conducted at one time for efficiency, as entire truckloads of asphalt are normally purchased to patch potholes.
  3. Why are there construction signs and no active work? Typically the contractor has to place required traffic control signs, which will remain in place during the construction period. The City generally only authorizes work from 8 AM to 5 PM in the public right-of-way, or 9 AM to 3:30 PM on certain roads for major activities, restricting the number of impacts to the traveling public.
  4. Where can I find upcoming information on transportation projects? The City publishes maps under the Public Works department link on the City of Brighton website. Also, the Public Works department places project-special signs on City projects.
  5. Why is a roadway closed? A roadway may be closed for several reasons. For transportation or construction projects, it may be because there is not enough room for a vehicle to safely pass, thus a closure and detour is put in place. Given the safety concerns, road closure may be permitted.
  6. Will the City install a sign for no parking or another sign for my property? The City generally will not install signs such as no parking in front of private property as this is intended for public right-of-way and accessible to all of the public. If there is another type of concern, such as a damaged sign or missing stop sign, please contact our department so we can schedule a repair. You can use our online system to make a request, which is on the City website.
  7. Does the City own all the roadways in the City? The City does not own all the roads in the City. Some roadways are private, such as alleyways in residential streets, internal roadways such as in Prairie Center, and some roadways in commercial developments. It is not always obvious, however, if the street sign has a City of Brighton logo, it is highly probable the City does own that roadway.
  8. Why are there “No Parking” signs on stands in front of my property? Temporary no parking signs are generally related to permitted construction work and is required to access areas for construction or to restrict parking to allow adequate space for vehicles to still travel through the construction area. Generally, these signs are placed in advance so that the property owner can move their vehicle. All construction activities due require that access to a property is provided at all times.
  9. Who is working in the roadway? There are numerous companies that can obtain authorization to work in the public right-of-way. Many utility companies have their infrastructure contained in the public right-of-way and they hire contractors many times to perform the work. Private developers also commonly are required to perform roadway construction to mitigate the traffic impacts of their development. City contractors and also city crews perform work in the right-of-way. If you have any major concerns, please contact us immediately so we can investigate if the contractor is authorized to perform work in the right-of-way.
  10. How do I get a permit for my project from the City? For ROW permits, you can submit your drawings and associated documents to the One-Stop office located at the City Hall building at 500 S. 4th Avenue, Brighton, CO 80601. The documents and plans are reviewed by the relevant departments and then a permit will be released if accepted.

Permits should be obtained for new driveway access points, any construction in the public right-of-way, anytime traffic will be impacted, or as defined in the City code and standards and specifications

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