Hydrant Meters

Fire Hydrant Users include, but are not restricted to, special events, filling commercial swimming pools, commercial street sweeping activities, hydroseeding, paving, construction, dust control, pressure washing, and sewer flushing.

Fire Hydrant Users are required to comply with the City of Brighton Municipal Code Section 15-36 which requires backflow protection to be in place for all water taken from hydrants served by the City of Brighton Utilities Department.

An application to allow a customer to draw water from City Fire hydrants needs to be completed and evaluated by staff prior to accessing any hydrant water.

Hydrant meters must be brought back to the city at least every six months for inspection. 

Hydrant Meter Permit Application (PDF)

If you have additional questions about applying for a hydrant meter, please contact One Stop at 303-655-2017. If you have questions about your hydrant meter water bill please contact Utility Billing at 303-655-2009. We thank you for your cooperation and for keeping our drinking water safe.