The City of Brighton requires that all businesses register/license their business and use the "License Application" noted below, and, depending on the business type, will fill out the appropriate addendums to the license application as identified on the application.

Business License Process Outline - “What to Expect When Opening Your Business” (.doc)

Licensing Forms & Applications:

Business License Application (.doc).

Contractor's License Application and Requirements (.doc)

License Submittal Requirements: Submitted to the One-Stop Customer Service Center

  • License Application Form (Original Copy)-$25
  • Utility Survey Addendum Form (Original Copy)
  • Floor Plan on 8.5" x 11
    • The layout of business space
    • Measurement of all rooms
    • Purpose of all rooms
    • Entrances and exits-windows and doors of the building
  • Copy of Driver's License or State Issued ID of the Business Owner
  • Copy Lease Agreement or Proof of Property Ownership

In some instances, special license addendums with specified information on the addendum are required to be submitted with your license application for unique businesses that may require extended or more comprehensive reviews and additional fees.

  • Sales Tax Addendum Form-required for retail sales
  • Home Occupation Addendum Form-required if operating the business from your place of residence
  • Specialty License Addendum Form-required for businesses with the following uses:
    • Mobile vending of food, ice cream or any other item, solicitation door to door, or peddling
    • Entertainment uses such as dance floor, live entertainment, coin-operated amusement devices or music players, pool tables and/or bowling alleys
    • Services such as an Auctioneer, Massage Therapist or Merchant Guard
  • Sundry License Addendum Form-required for businesses with the following uses:
    • Massage Parlor
    • Pawn Broker
    • Group or Foster Care Home
    • Sexually-Oriented Business
  • Background Investigation Addendum Form-may be required with some Special License Addendum Forms

Licensing Review Process: Once you have submitted your complete license application, you will be scheduled for a cursory review within 3-5 business days.  Once the cursory review is approved, on-site inspections are scheduled (for commercial sites only).  The Applicant will be made aware of any required improvements at the time of inspection.  Some examples of required improvements are correcting dangerous elements in building construction, installation of fire sprinkler or suppression system, installation of a backflow device or grease interceptor and bringing a parking lot or landscaping areas into code compliance.

Building permits and plans will be required for any construction or site work required for your business license. 


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