Liquor Licensing

Liquor Licensing Meetings

Liquor licensing meetings are held on the first Wednesday of the month at 10:00 am, as necessary. Additional meetings may be scheduled as needed. All meetings will be held in the City Council Chambers located at City Hall at 500 South 4th Avenue, Brighton, CO 80601.


The Hearing Officer may grant or refuse new liquor licenses and special permits, tasting permits, and some transfer of liquor licenses for the sale at retail of malt, vinous or spirituous liquors and fermented malt beverages, designate and assess fees, promulgate reasonable rules and regulations, conduct investigations, and suspend or revoke such licenses for cause, all in the manner provided by law.

To obtain the appropriate liquor-related applications as well as other miscellaneous liquor forms, please visit the Colorado State website.

Liquor Seller/Server Training

The Brighton Police Department is no longer hosting Liquor Seller/Server training classes. Please use the link below for all other State of Colorado Approved Responsible Vendor Trainers:


Erin Kelm
Deputy City Clerk
(303) 655-2031

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