Roadside Memorial Signage Request

A sign must be requested by the victim’s family or sponsor with the written consent of the victim’s family.

Signs may only be installed on City of Brighton Roadways. Up to three names may be included on one sign with multiple victims.
No sign shall be installed on Interstate Highways (i.e. I-25, I-76 etc). An alternative sign location for interstate fatalities may be considered on a State highway or City Street near the crash location, as determined by the City.

The City will fabricate, install and maintain the sign for six years from the date of initial installation.

The City will return the sign to the family after six years.

The following additional special requirements for “Don’t Drink and Drive” signs for fatal alcohol/drug (DUI) related crashes apply and shall be supplied by the applicant: There must be a conviction of the driver involved in a fatal crash who was in violation of Colorado DUI laws, or a toxicology report must show the victim driver to have been in violation of Colorado’s DUI laws and only with the permission of the crash victim’s family members.

For more information call the Street Department at 303-655-2088 or 303-655-2087.

Memorial Signage Request

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