Procurement & Contracts


Procurement provides city departments with a centralized source for assistance with all procurement needs which include formal bid preparation, pricing, quotations, order placement, vendor contact, and general problem solving. Centralized responsibility for procurement functions relieves the departments of these time-consuming administrative functions.

Procurement Rules

The City of Brighton employs more than 375 people to provide services to, and accommodate the needs and goals of, a community of 35,000 people in Northern Colorado. Your initial contact with the City of Brighton is likely to be through the process of providing commodities, services or equipment to a city department. This guide will acquaint you with the City of Brighton’s process and procedures for procuring commodities, services and equipment with the hope that your participation in the process will be pleasant as well as beneficial.

The City of Brighton believes that the best value for the tax dollar is achieved through a centralized professional procurement staff where product and vendor identification is coordinated, and requisitions are researched and converted into requests for quotes or requests for proposals. Accordingly, the authority and executive responsibility for providing centralized acquisition of commodities, capital equipment, professional and nonprofessional services, as well as overseeing the process and policies and the issuance of Purchase Orders, lies with the Procurement Office.

Department Orders

City departments using a verbal three-digit purchase order number can issue orders under $2500. All purchases of $2500 and over require a purchase order. All services and purchases over $25,000 must be competitively bid or obtained through a request for proposal. Many sources of goods and services are used; including the Colorado State bid system, Municipal Association of Procurement Officials (MAPO), and bids from other governmental entities.

For procurements of up to $25,000; procurement uses a variety of methods to fulfill departmental requirements. Quotes are solicited from vendors by mail and by various electronic means. Or, procurement may place an order using an existing city, state, or MAPO contract, which can also be done when a purchase will be over $25,000. All purchases over $25,000, if a previous contract is not available, require a formal bid or request for proposal.


Vendors are advised that it is in their best interest to obtain a properly signed and issued purchase order for sales over $2500 to facilitate their dealings with the city.

Rocky Mountain Bid System

The City of Brighton has contracted with Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System and has begun utilizing the central bid notification system. This system allows vendors to register online and receive notifications of new bids, quotes, amendments, and awards for the City of Brighton along with the other participating agencies listed.

To view all open formal solicitations, please visit our portal on BidNet.

Vendors with internet access can review the registration options online. For vendors without internet, please call the technical support group at 800-677-1997, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Time. 

Certified Professional Public Buyer

The requirements for certification are based on professional experience and academic examination.

Certification is the process by which the public purchaser demonstrates a standard of competency for the benefit of the public. Certification reflects established standards and competencies for those engaged in governmental purchasing, and attests to the purchaser’s ability to obtain maximum value for the taxpayer’s dollar.

The trend in governmental purchasing is for mandatory certification of procurement professionals. This designation communicates to the taxpayer that the public employee who manages tax dollars has reached a specific level of education and experience and is knowledgeable about government purchasing.

Vendor Application Process

Vendors are encouraged to visit Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System website and become familiar with the features on that website.

Local vendor participation in the City of Brighton’s purchasing effort is strongly encouraged in an effort to strengthen the relationship between the city and the local business community. Bids of equal price, specifications, and quality will be awarded to Brighton vendors when applicable.

Vendor Visitation to City of Brighton departments and divisions is allowed by appointment only.

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