Application Process and Submittal Information

PLEASE NOTE: Any land use or development applications submitted or re-submitted to the Planning Division on or after December 1st will require an additional week of city and external agency review due to limited staffing and city hall closures over the holidays. 

Applications for Land Use and Development are processed within the online submittal portal only.  If you are ready to submit a land use application, click here to advance to our online application services.  Building permits are not processed through this system. 

For any land use application to be referred out for review that week to the Development Review Committee and external agencies, all project submittals and resubmittals must be complete, submitted online and required paper copies submitted in person or via mail to the City by 5:00 p.m. on each Tuesday and they will be checked in by staff generally on Wednesday.     

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Need help getting started?  Please use this Applicant Help Guide (with screenshots) to if you need help registering or getting started submitting an application.

Change Orders to Approved Civil Drawings:  Please download the Change Order Application, and advance to IDT to submit the request through the existing Land Use Application on file that has been previously approved.  Be sure to also upload your executed Change Order Application with the proposed civil changes.  Applications received without Change Order Applications are considered incomplete. Please note that there is a $100.00 review fee for all change orders.

Submittal Checklists and Templates: For convenience, please find our most requested checklists below for each land use application that will be accepted through this digital process.  Checklists by application type are offered for quick reference of submittal requirements only. The most current application checklists are found in the online application system as you begin your submittal. 


Administrative Plat Checklist and Template

Annexation Checklist and Template

Conditional Use Permit

Conditional Use Permit Checklist - Large Family Child Care Home

Final Plat Checklist and Template

Planned Development- Regulating Plan Checklist and Template

Site Plan

Subdivision Plan Checklist and Template

Variance Checklist and Template

Zoning Map Amendment Checklist and Template

Additional Submittal Documents that May be Required:

General Design Standards Template Instructions

Mineral Interest Notification Form

Petition of Annexation Form

Planned Development- Detail Plan Template Instructions

Schedule of Improvements Template

South Beebe Draw Drainage Plan Submittal Requirements

Water Dedication Packet

City of Brighton Public Works Standards and Specifications:

Fish and Wildlife Report:

Submittal Guidelines:  Uploaded plans and documents not following the naming conventions established in the Checklist and Plan Template Instructions may be considered incomplete applications and returned for corrections.  

Application Fee Summary: The City has approved the following fees for the 2020 Land Use Applications. Please note that application fees are automatically calculated in the online portal, but are paid over the phone or by check only. Applications subject to consultant reviews or having more than 3 review cycles may be subject to additional fees.

Plan Review, Land Use Applications and Civil Plan Review Fees

Administrative Relief$50.00Platting-Administrative Plat$450.00
Affidavit of Correction$375.00Platting-Subdivision Plan$1,000.00 plus $25.00 per acre
Agreement-Development, Annexation or Pre-Annexation$1,000.00 plus $10.00 per acrePlatting-Final Plat$1,000.00 plus $10.00 per acre
Agreement Amendment-Major (requires City Council Approval)$750.00 plus $10.00 per acrePlanned Development$750.00 plus $20.00 per acre
Agreement Amendment-Minor (may be approved by the Director)$500.00 plus $250.00 per each additional section to be amended in the same applicationPlanned Unit Development (PUD)-Administrative Amendment for existing PUDs$500.00 plus $10.00 per acre
Annexation$1000.00 plus $10.00 per acre for the first 100 acresRecording FeesAs set forth by the Adams or Weld County Clerk and Recorder Office
Appeal of Director Decision$500.00Residential Design Standards Plan$100.00 per plan plus $25.00 for each additional model/elevation
Board of Adjustment (Variance)$500.00 plus $1000.00 per each additional code section to be adjusted in the same applicationSite Plan$600.00
Certificate of Legal Non-Conforming or Benign Nonconformance Status$50.00Site-Specific Development Plan-Vested Property Right$500.00
Change Order$100.00Sludge Permit$1.00 per dry ton
Comprehensive Sign Plan or Amendment thereto$250.00Special District Service Plan-New$5,000.00 plus $20,000.00 escrow
Conditional Use-Full DRC Review (new construction of a use)$1,600.00Special District Service Plan-Amendment$2,500.00 plus $10,000.00 escrow
Conditional Use-Administrative or Amendment (no new construction)$1,000.00Vacation-Public Right of Way$500.00
Oil and Gas Facility-Preliminary Site Application$500.00Vacation-Public Easement$500.00
Oil and Gas Facility-Application Review$2,500.00Zoning-Fee for all Districts except for PL, O, PD or PUD Amendment$750.00
Oil and Gas-Conditional Use or Memorandum of Understanding$500.00Zoning Verification-Request for Information (submitted through the Colorado Open Records Act request)$10.00 for the first hour, $25.00 per each additional hour
Oil and Gas-Amendment to Conditional Use or Memorandum of Understanding $250.00Request for Information-General (submitted through the Colorado Open Records Act request)$10.00 for the first hour, $25.00 per each additional hour

Signs Permits - Applications and Forms. The additional applications for Sign Permits are not currently part of our online application process; staff will accept submittal of Sign Permits in our offices located at 500 South 4th Avenue from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

    - Permanent Signage Application

    - Temporary Signage Application

    - Comprehensive Sign Plan Application

    - Example Site Plan and Elevations

    - Multiple Sign Addendum