Historic Preservation

CO State Archives-8-Brighton-MainStreet-CSA-5.5=3.25, 6=3.75Historic Main Street - Circa 1910

The Brighton Historic Preservation Commission seeks to preserve the heritage of Brighton for future generations.

Our Purpose: To oversee the protection, enhancement, and perpetuation of historic sites and structures in Brighton. To encourage and promote general interest and collect data for the history of Brighton.

Our Vision: To develop a community where preservation is an integral part of community and economic development and where the economic benefits of preservation are celebrated.

The Brighton City Museum also seeks to preserve the heritage of Brighton for future generations.

Our Mission: The Brighton City Museum’s mission is to be the center where all visitors can connect to the unique past, present, and future of Brighton as told through our collections. 

Our Vision: Our vision is to preserve, interpret, and make accessible the heritage of Brighton for the benefit of the public and history itself.


The goals of the Brighton Historic Preservation Commission are to:

  • designate, preserve, protect, enhance, and perpetuate those sites, structures, objects, and districts of the City;
  • foster civic pride in the beauty of the past;
  • stabilize the economic vitality of such sites;
  • enhance the City’s attraction to tourist and visitors;
  • promote the use of outstanding historic or architectural sites;
  • cooperate with state and federal historic preservation efforts; and,
  • maintain Certified Local Government (CLG) Standards.

News and Publications 

Brighton Downtown Properties - Historic District
Photo Brochure of Downtown Properties

Property Designation If you are interested in designating your property, please fill out the Landmark Designation Application found in our online application system.

Brighton's Historic Landmarks
The City of Brighton has a number of buildings that have been designated as historic landmarks. Some have been locally designated while others are even on the state and national registers. The buildings are: 1) First Presbyterian Church, 2) Brighton Armory, 3) Brighton High School, 4) The Bromley Koizuma-Hishinuma Farm, and 5) Adams County Courthouse. See additional history on the properties by clicking on the link below. Newly added properties to the list of designated historic landmarks are: 6) Former Senior Center at 575 Bush Street, 7) Brighton Buddhist Church, and 8) Historic Depot Building.

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