Victims Services

Brighton and Commerce City

In 2014, the City of Brighton and Commerce City merged Victim Services Units to increase services offered to victims. The newly-established Victim Services Unit was combined though a cooperative effort, working with staff from both municipalities, obtaining city council’s approval, and gaining support from the program's volunteer victim advocates. The Brighton and Commerce City Victim Services Unit is administrated out of the Brighton Police Department, 3401 E Bromley LN, Brighton, CO 80601. However, staff is located at the Commerce City Police Department, 7887 E 60th Avenue, Commerce City, CO 80022, as well to serve victims at both locations. To reach the Brighton and Commerce City Victim Services Unit, please use the contact information on the left-hand side of the web page. For a list of victim resources, please view Victim Resources page.


Victim Services Unit for the Brighton Police Department and the Victim Services Unit for the Commerce City Police Department established separately in the late 1980's, providing services to victims of crime and personal tragedy with compassion, dignity and respect. In 1993, Colorado enacted legislation regarding Victims Rights, and was most recently amended in 2011.

In an attempt to balance the scales of justice, the Victim Rights Act provides victims an active role in the criminal justice process. The Brighton Police Department and Commerce City Police Department believe strongly in the rights of victims and has made this the corner stone of the unit. Providing victims of crime with the up most respect and informing them of their rights as afforded to them by the Victim Rights Amendment.

Brighton and Commerce City Victim Advocates are here to provide information, support and referrals, comfort, compassion, and caring to crime victim and their families.


The Victim Services Unit provides victims with support, assistance and crisis intervention at a time when it is most needed. The initial shock following a crime, sudden death, or other trauma is harsh and painful for those involved. Police officers present at the scene of a crime or accident act with compassion and sympathy, but their primary responsibility is related to law enforcement protocol such as crime scene investigation and police reports.

Victim Services Units have been created to solely focus on the victims and to help the victim and family cope with the crisis. The Brighton and Commerce City Victim Services Unit is staffed by dedicated and highly-trained advocates who are on-call 24 hours-a-day, seven days-a-week, to respond immediately to the scene of a crime, accident, or victim's home at the request of a police officer. Victim advocates not only support victims through the immediate trauma, but they also provide follow-up with referral information to further aid victims and their families through the healing process.

Crisis Intervention

As experienced active listeners, advocates will assist victims in sorting through the confusing thoughts they may experience. Advocates will help victims regain control by encouraging them to manage one part of the problem at a time and prepare and predict what is next. 

Advocacy & Practical Help

Many resources are available within the community and our advocates will provide you with appropriate referrals on the criminal justice system, victims' rights, crime victim compensation, counseling, and safety. Your advocate can give you procedural and factual information concerning the accident or crime and act as liaisons with law enforcement and other community agencies.