Brighton City Museum

Welcome to the Brighton City Museum

Regular Hours:

Monday-Wednesday & Friday (excluding Government Holidays)  10A.M. - Noon, 1P.M. - 3P.M

Our Mission: The Brighton City Museum’s mission is to be the center where all visitors can connect to the unique past, present, and future of Brighton as told through our collections.

Our Vision: Our vision is to preserve, interpret, and make accessible the heritage of Brighton for the benefit of the public and history itself.

The Brighton City Museum was established in 2016 by the Brighton Historic Preservation Commission when newspapers and artifacts were found during the renovation of Bromley Koizuma-Hishinuma Farm. The Commission decided it was worth becoming a State Repository to keep those items in the city for the community to learn more about their history. Thus a museum was born. Over the years, we collected, donated and saved items pertaining to our city's history, adding to nearly over 10,000 items. Come visit us to see the latest exhibits and learn more about the history of Brighton!

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  • Historic Splendid Valley exhibit closes December 3. Please come and see before it's gone!

Important Notice!

We apologize for the inconvenience, but to access the building, please use the call box located outside the building to gain access. CALL US on the call box at #012 (Labeled Brighton Historic Preservation)


We accept researchers by appointment only. Click here to schedule a date and time to visit. Can't find a time that works? Please contact Brianne Schreck at 303-655-2288 or to schedule a time that does.

Some of the things we have available include:   Research Room 

  • City Directories 1923 - 1981
  • Brighton Blade newspapers 1903 - 2016
  • Fort Lupton Press newspapers - various dates
  • Adams County Register newspapers - various dates
  • Japanese American News  1941 - 1958
  • The Nichi Bei newspapers - various 1940s
  • Colorado Times newspapers - various 1940s
  • The Rocky Nippon newspapers - various 1940s
  • The Rocky Shimpo newspapers -various 1940s
  • 1916 Willits Farm Map
  • Other City aerials & other historic regional maps

We also have our collections on Past Perfect Online !

**We are working on re-cataloguing items. Please be patient with us if you are unable to find an item that was under a previous catalogue number**

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Current Temporary Exhibitions:

  • "Preserving Historic Splendid Valley"

    • Adams County and the City of Brighton partnered to save an area of valuable farmland that has helped produce food since the original pioneers settled here. Come learn more about the District Plan and about the historical importance of protecting the area.
  • "A Reserve of Public Service: The History of Brighton's Armory"

    • It has been nearly 100 years since Brighton's Armory has been standing. Come learn about why it was built, its multiple uses for our community, and its renaissance into a Performing Arts Center. 

Virtual Exhibitions:

  • “A Reserve of Public Service: The History of Brighton’s Armory"

    • This is a virtual version of our temporary exhibit at Historic City Hall. We wanted to bring the exhibit to your homes since it opened just prior to the CoVid-19 Pandemic. This exhibit highlights the pre-history to the present of Brighton’s Armory and it’s Colorado Volunteers, now called the National Guard, that helped in its construction.
  • "Brighton’s Painted Past: The Centennial Historic Paintings"

    • This is a virtual exhibit of the Historic Paintings created by Charles Egebretson, commissioned by the Brighton Federal Commercial Savings. Through discussions with the city’s historians in the 1970s and 80s, Egebretson was able to complete these 10 paintings in time for the city’s Centennial Celebration (1987).


The Brighton City Museum is always looking to expand its collection with items that fit our mission and vision. We would be honored to continue to share your piece of Brighton’s history.  If you have questions about the donation process and what items we are currently seeking, call Brianne Schreck, Museum Specialist, at 303-655-2288.


The Brighton City Museum is always looking for volunteer help! From helping visitors, to research, and even collection project based duties, you'll find our volunteers wear many hats! For more information about volunteering with the Brighton City Museum, call Brianne Schreck, Museum Specialist, at 303-655-2288.  You can also view our new volunteer form, here.