Tornado Preparedness

Brighton Emergency Tornado Information and Safety Tips:

  • Know the terminology:
    • When a Tornado Watch is announced, it means conditions are present for a tornado in or near the area. Keep a radio/TV/Brighton Alert tuned for further information, and gather emergency supplies.
    • When a Tornado Warning is issued, Brighton Outdoor Siren system will be activated, it means a tornado has been sighted or is imminent. Take shelter immediately.
  • Know about the Brighton Siren System:
    • Sirens are activated when there has been a Tornado Warning issued for the City of Brighton or if a tornado has been seen by a trained weather spotter or by PD officer.
    • Sirens are meant to be an OUTDOOR warning system, depending on your proximity to the siren, you may or may not hear the sirens indoors. Have an alternate way to get information about severe weather.
    • We do not utilize an “all clear” alert on our sirens- please seek information via local media, weather radio or online.
  • If you are at work:
    • Be sure to know the tornado procedures in each of the buildings you work in or frequent!
    • If you don’t have a tornado plan or aren’t familiar with the plan, please contact OEM to consult on procedures for your facility. ((303) 655-2316 or send an email)
    • When a warning is issued for your area, quickly proceed to the lowest level available, utilizing stairwells (not elevators!). If your building consists of a single level, go to an interior hallway or room without windows.
    • Have a plan to get information regarding the expiration or renewal of the warning
  • If you are in a vehicle:
    • Find a radio station broadcasting weather information. Know exactly where you are, and have a map available so you can pinpoint locations.
    • Smartphones can provide lifesaving information. If you are driving alone, pull over so you can safely check weather and/or emergency information.
    • Your vehicle will offer no protection from a tornado.
    • If the tornado is far enough away, and road options and traffic allow, you should find a building for shelter.
    • If a sturdy building is unavailable, find a ditch, ravine or low-lying area, and lie as flat as you can.
    • Never try to outrun a tornado. You may be able to avoid a serious situation by driving out if its path, or simply stopping and letting it pass. The worst-case scenario is to be caught in your vehicle with no escape.
    • Do not seek shelter under an overpass. As the winds from the tornado channel under the overpass, they speed up. You also are exposed to flying debris.
  •  Preparedness Tips (Before a Tornado!):
    • Know what to do prior to receiving a warning notification
    • Purchase a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) weather radio for your home or facility. (Contact OEM if you don’t have a radio for your facility)
    • Have an emergency kit at home and at your office.
    • Take a preparedness class. Community Emergency Response Training (CERT), Be Ready, Severe Weather Awareness, National Weather Spotter and CPR are offered by the city at no cost. For more information, visit the Brighton CERT website and click on “Training”

The Office of Emergency Management conducts a monthly Outdoor Warning Siren test on the first Wednesday of each month at 11 a.m. This test ensures all systems and procedures are working properly. The tests also promote public awareness of the warning sirens located throughout the city.