Make a Plan

General guidelines to follow before, during, and after any emergency or disaster:


  • Know the risks and hazards in your area and know the danger signs.
  • Purchase adequate insurance to cover possible losses due to the emergency / disaster.
  • Develop plans for what to do in any / all types of emergencies based upon the hazards within your area.
  • If you are traveling to another location, know the risks and hazards of that location and plan out how your will respond while you are there.
  • Assemble a disaster supplies kit for each person/animal in your home.
  • Know where your local shelters are located and how you will get there.
  • Know what your area's evacuation plans are and how you will respond.
  • Volunteer to help others in their planning efforts.


  • Put your plans you developed into action.
  • Follow the direction, advice, and guidance of officials in charge of the event.
  • Stay calm; this is where your preparedness efforts really come in handy because you have already done your research.
  • Help others, if you can.


  • Recover the best you can. It is your responsibility to recover, rebuild, and become whole again.
  • If you have lost / damaged property, take photos, document everything.
  • Contact your insurance company immediately and let them know what happened.
  • Seek out local assistance, if needed, such as sheltering needs, food banks, etc.
  • If the emergency / disaster meets disaster thresholds, state and federal assistance may be available. Listen to your local government officials for directions / guidance.