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1. What is the purpose of the storm drain system?
2. What's the difference between pouring water down the storm drain and discharing water down the toilet or sink?
3. What can I discharge in the storm drain?
4. How do streets in Brighton drain?
5. Why would the Storm Drainage Charge apply to my property if there is not a
6. Are there any charges or fees associated with the storm drain system in Brighton?
7. Why do I have to pay a monthly Storm Drainage Fee to the City of Brighton?
8. What is South Beebe Draw Metropolitan District?
9. How is South Beebe Draw Metropolitan District's billing process?
10. I live on the east side of Tower Rd. Why am I being charged twice for storm sewer maintenance: one fee by the City; and another fee by Beebe Draw Metro District?
11. How can I contact South Beebe Draw Metropolitan District?
12. Who fixes clogged storm drains?