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1. Can I pay over the telephone with a check?
2. Why is the address on the return envelope for my utility bill a Denver address?
3. Why did my water bill go up?
4. Why did my sewer rate go up?
5. How is the Storm Drainage Maintenance Fee calculated?
6. What is the charge if I am late on paying my bill?
7. I made a payment on line through my bank a week ago, why haven't you received it yet?
8. I already paid my bill, why does my statement show a past due balance?
9. I am a new customer, why do I have a $20.00 past due balance on my account?
10. Why would the Storm Drainage Charge apply to my property if there is not a storm sewer directly in front of my property?
11. What payment options are available for processing my utility bill?
12. Do I have to receive a paper bill?
13. Is there a way to make the amount of my water bill consistent every month?