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Budget Billing

  1. City of Brighton Budget Billing

  2. The City of Brighton's Budget Billing aims to keep your utility bill uniform for every billing cycle for the coming year. It is offered to homeowners that have been current with payments on their monthly water bills for a period of 12 months. New homeowners may apply based on previous annual average consumption at their current address. Budget billing generally is re-adjusted every March and is calculated by using the previous 12-month average bill with a 10 percent increase added into the monthly totals and then reconciled with the 12th bill. Residents are encouraged to sign up to have their account added to the Budget Billing list. Accounts must be added by Dec. 31 and bills will be re-adjusted March of the following year.

  3. The Utility Billing division will contact you once your monthly utility bill has been determined. For questions, contact Utility Billing Supervisor JD McCune at

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