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1. When will city buildings re-open?
2. Will the police department facility remain open to the public?
3. Will the city continue to hold public meetings and/or events?
4. Can I still pay my water bill in person?
5. Will the city continue issuing contractors licenses, building permits and performing inspections?
6. Will the city continue issuing sales tax/business licenses?
7. I have a scheduled court date. Will the courts be operating?
8. How long will restaurants, bars, and gyms be closed?
9. Why did the city declare a local disaster?
10. Is my water safe?
11. What happens if I’ve paid for lessons, programs or sports at the Brighton Recreation Center?
12. What do I do about my quarterly/annual membership at the Brighton Recreation Center?
13. My child was in the recreation center preschool classes. What can I expect?
14. Is the Recycling Center still open?
15. What is happening with my water bill?
16. Is there help available if I can't pay my water bill?
17. Are parks closed?