What are the guidelines for restaurants, bars, and gyms?

Starting on May 27, the state began to allow restaurants to offer indoor dine-in service at 50-percent of the posted occupancy code limit and a maximum of 50 patrons. Guidelines include parties limited to eight people, tables must be six feet apart, all employees must wear face coverings, and deep cleanings and disinfecting must be done on surfaces with each turnover. 

The City of Brighton is dedicated to working with restaurants in order to maximize the number of patrons possible at each establishment. As such, City staff is providing specific guidelines for those looking to temporarily expand operations safely and timely into adjacent areas including parking lots - details here.

Bars and breweries that do not serve food from a licensed retail food establishment must close to in-person service. 

Per state guidelines, gyms should limit indoor facilities to up to 25-percent capacity, or 50 people, whichever is fewer, per room, so long as people can stay 6 feet apart from each other. It’s also advised to limit the pool to 2-percent capacity, or up to 50 people. 

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