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New Parks and Recreation Amenities

What additional parks and recreation amenities would you like to see in Brighton?

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  1. Good soccer fields

    with soccer as popular as it is, it would be nice to have fields that weren't full of holes and in poor shape (it's hard on the kids ankles!).

    Aug 4, 2015 by Deleted User (15 points)

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  2. Malcom Park

    The rec center had Tee-ball held there this past summer and there are no bathrooms. Try having little kids in tee-ball and no restrooms. Either they should add one or not play any games at that...

    Nov 3, 2014 by Deleted User (15 points)

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  3. Recreation Center Expansion

    I use the Recreation Center almost daily. There is normally an influx of users after the new year that lasts about 3 weeks. That influx doesn't seem to be going down at all. If anything, it is...

    Mar 23, 2016 by Deleted User (11 points)

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  4. Maintain our parks

    There is very little maintaining done on existing parks. Last year the weeds at Benedict were taller than the benches by the canal. You couldn't even sit on the bench because the thistles were 4...

    Mar 25, 2017 by Deleted User (28 points)

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  5. Park at 5192 Thistle Dr - Brighton Crossing

    Would love to know when the city plans to build/finish the park at 5192 Thistle Dr in the Brighton Crossing Neighborhood (surrounded by Redbud St, Royal Pine St, Chicory Cir, and Thistle...

    Aug 28, 2015 by Deleted User (9 points)

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  6. Would love to see a new rec center/expansion. Offer more classes in the evenings/weekends.

    Expand/new build

    Apr 16, 2015 by Deleted User (7 points)

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  7. would be nice if city would deal with parking trash and animals defecating in peoples yards by carmicheal park that ruined neighborhood first

    Block off allies to parking for start as the moment five cars are parked in my alley for summerfest and I have picked up trash twice in the first two hours of your event!

    Jun 3, 2017 by Deleted User (5 points)

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