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The City of Brighton would like to hear your thoughts and ideas for making our city better. Community Voice offers an open forum to allow you to submit ideas and engage in discussions about ways to improve our great city. To get started, you will need to create a profile through the My Dashboard feature at the top of the page. To see comments or suggestions by others, just click on the initiative or idea title. If you have an idea that is not listed, start a new suggestion in the blue box that says, “What’s your idea?”

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  1. Community Caring and Respect

    We moved to Brighton about six years ago from North Dakota and instantly started to enjoy the small town feel right outside of the City of Denver! Over the years I have noticed some things that I feel...

    Jan 28, 2014 by Deleted User (10 points)

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  2. We need a crosswalk light at Southern and 50th.

    Have you ever seen people try to cross there? It is not a fun thing to watch. Now since the new King Soopers has opened there is more traffic on that road making it impossible to cross at certain...

    Nov 3, 2014 by Deleted User (15 points)

    6Votes Up 0Votes Down 4Comments

  3. Brighton needs to become more pedestrian friendly...

    Brighton needs to become more pedestrian friendly. More rideable. More walkable. A lot of areas have sidewalks but they randomly end. Others don't have side walks at all. There is no "flow". In...

    Oct 25, 2014 by Deleted User (0 points)

    12Votes Up 0Votes Down 3Comments

  4. Light or Circle at 45th and Bridge

    We need a light or circle at 45th and Bridge exiting the neighborhood. Mornings and afternoons are very hard to exit the neighborhood with the school. It's very hard to see traffic coming east...

    Aug 10, 2015 by Deleted User (15 points)

    3Votes Up 1Votes Down 5Comments

  5. Safety

    My family recently moved into the Brighton Community and we love it. We enjoy it so much that we hope to stay for many years. That being said, we are somewhat concerned about speed at which people...

    Mar 17, 2014 by Deleted User (0 points)

    6Votes Up 0Votes Down 1Comments

  6. Better road surfaces on Bromley and Bridge

    Can we please get better road surfaces on these two extremely busy streets? There are potholes, cracks, and bumps everywhere.

    Jan 13, 2016 by Deleted User (13 points)

    1Votes Up 0Votes Down 2Comments

  7. We need sidewalks

    Create a sidewalk from the neighborhoods on 120th Just east of sable to sable And on to the middle school and high school. Bus riders and students need a safe way to walk!

    Jun 13, 2014 by Deleted User (0 points)

    7Votes Up 0Votes Down 0Comments

  8. Taking care of city grounds, landscaping, and lighting

    When I drive around Brighton, I notice that landscaping and grounds that should be nicely maintained by the city are most often neglected and full of trash and weeds. Examples: both roundabouts at...

    Jul 7, 2017 by Deleted User (16 points)

    2Votes Up 0Votes Down 1Comments

  9. Noise Pollution Reduction

    There should be a wall added to I 76 by the Bromley and Eagle Ln exits. This would reduce the noise coming from the interstate. The noise level is very high outside because of the interstate. Also,...

    May 23, 2021 by Alan (29 points)

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  10. Big Lots, Mc Donalds, Harbor Freight, Old Kmart parking lot

    Who is responsible for repairing the pot holes? This whole parking lot is in need of some serious repair. Can the city hold the retailers or the leasing companies responsible?

    Oct 27, 2016 by Deleted User (13 points)

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  11. Noise pollution - train horns

    Quiet zones need to be established for passing trains. There are way too many train horns sounding all day and night.

    Jun 17, 2021 by Resident (8 points)

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  12. Quiet hours for trains

    The train horns along 76 are so loud all through the night. I’ve lived by train tracks before and there were always quiet hours. That does not appear to be the case here and it would greatly improve...

    Oct 8, 2021 by V.J. (11 points)

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  13. We need quiet zones!

    Studies have been done, what has been done with the findings Brighton? Train horns are so loud all through the night and day.

    Aug 28, 2022 by Jennifer Estrada (11 points)

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