Swim Lessons

Swim Lesson Registration for Sessions A and B is open. Registration for Session C begins on Thursday October 21.

Please call the Brighton Recreation Center for more information at 303-655-2200

If the class you want to get registered for is unavailable, there is a huge benefit to signing up for the waitlist! If we have sufficient people on the waitlist and sufficient staff, we will open another class, combine classes with a similar swim level, or change a class with low/no registration to the level that is needed.

Swim Lesson Registration

Swim lessons are held at: Brighton Recreation Center, 555 North 11th Avenue

*Please review our refund policy*

• All classes must have at least three registrants. Classes that do not reach the minimum enrollment of three participants are subject to either cancellation or combination with similar-level students on waitlists.

(Excluding private and semi-private lessons).

• Registration deadline for all lessons is five business days before each session begins. You will not receive a refund after this time has passed.

• Class maximums are set for quality and safety reasons.

• Fees must be paid at time of registration.

*Note: A parent or legal guardian may only register their child(ren) under age 18.

Swim Lesson Quick Tips

• There is no sure way to predict how quickly your child will progress. It's very possible that your child will need to repeat a level to accomplish the benchmark skills to move on to the next level. It does not benefit your child to enroll them in a level they are not prepared for, and if your child cannot be safely incorporated into a level that is too advanced for them, you may be unenrolled.

• Pollywogs are similar to Level One while Guppies are similar to Level Two. Minnow is an advanced pre-school level that incorporates skills from both of Level Two and Beginner Level Three. The reason for the preschool separation is to avoid huge age differences and ensure that everyone is getting developmentally appropriate direction.

• If you want your child to be safe around the water, sign them up for swim lessons now!

• Contact aquatic management for any questions or concerns regarding your child's swim level placement including future registration.