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The Brighton Sustainable movement is a new part of Brighton’s municipal government that is designed as a vehicle to promote sustainable livability and a sustainable community. Through programming and policy initiatives, Brighton Sustainable will establish a foundation of how Brighton defines sustainability and will be the catalyst for positive change in our community’s future.

The city of Brighton has adopted the model that, “a sustainable community is one that embraces and delivers on immediate and long-term plans to drive a dynamic balance of the four pillars of a continuously improving quality life. These pillars are: live, work, play, and learn. Each of these pillars has its own core components. While unique in themselves, they are inter-related and unstable without support of the other pillars.” (City of Brighton Comprehensive Plan, 2005) None of these concepts can be accomplished without establishing the relationship between the pillars and viable sustainability.

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More LED bulbs? Smart technology? Permaculture gardens? Solar power?Energy-efficient appliances? More bike lanes?

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Sponsored by the Brighton Youth Commission, with the help of American Disposal, the City of Brighton is proud to offer recycling options for the community. To drop off your recyclable materials, visit the recycling bins located at the southeast corner of the Brighton City Hall parking lot. Paper, glass, plastic, and metal are accepted. Pick up days vary but usually occur once a week.