Street Signage Repairs & Replacements

Damaged or Missing Road Signs

View Damaged or Missing Road Signs Form.

To report missing or damaged roadway signs or the need for a roadway sign, (or Street Striping) please complete the request information.

Stop Signs Report a sign is down, please call us at 303-655-2087 or 303-655-2034.

All requests for the placement of a new stop sign must be evaluated. Any signage requiring a traffic study may take up to 90 days to investigate depending upon the type of signage request being made.

Traffic Signal Control Lights report malfunctions at 303-655-2087 or 303-655-2034 or fill out Report malfunctioning Traffic Signals form.

Street lights (luminaires)are maintained by United Power and may be reported to them directly by calling 303-659-0551 you may also report them here and we will contact them for you.

Speed Trailers or Extra Police Patrol

If you would like to report a traffic situation requiring Police extra patrol or request for a a Speed Trailer you may do so by phone at 303-655-2365 at fill out a Speed Trailers or Extra Police Patrol form.

Thank you.