Single Hauler

The City of Brighton is exploring the possibility of implementing a single hauler waste collection system. In a single hauler system, the City would contract one vendor that would provide trash and recycling services to all single family residential properties in Brighton. There are many benefits to this type of waste collection system, which is why so many municipalities have switched to single hauler services. Some of the most impactful benefits to communities include decreased road damage and fuel consumption, lower noise and air pollution, greater control over program structure so it aligns with community goals, and pricing transparency. 

To access an interactive map of Colorado Communities utilizing single hauler waste collection systems click HERE.

- As of January 2023, 28 communities in Colorado have universal curbside pick up for single-family residential housing

In The Media

Trash hauler opinions sought- City to survey residents about moving to single trash collection company, by the Brighton Standard Blade. Access the full article HERE.

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