Community-Based Trash and Recycling

The City of Brighton is exploring ways to reduce costs and provide residents easier access to trash and recycling along with more service choices. A city-wide, community-based approach to recycling and trash collection allows us all to have stronger negotiating power to get more affordable rates for the services we want the most. It gives our residents an opportunity to save money, have greater access to more customizable services, and make our streets quieter, safer, and less congested thanks to reduced truck traffic. Some of the most impactful benefits to communities that adopt a city-wide, community-based approach to recycling and composting include decreased road damage and fuel consumption, lower noise and air pollution, greater control over program structure so it aligns with community goals, and pricing transparency. 

What is a city-wide, community-based approach to residential trash and recycling? 

A community-based approach to trash and recycling would change the current residential waste collection system from many trash haulers to one city contracted hauler (chosen through a competitive bid) that would provide trash and recycling services (along with negotiated ability to perhaps include yard trimmings and bulk item collection) to all single family residential homes in Brighton.  

What are the benefits of a-based approach to trash and recycling? 

There are many benefits to this type of waste collection system, which is why so many municipalities have switched to a citywide, community-based, residential trash and recycling program. To access an interactive map of Colorado Communities utilizing community-based trash and recycling services click HERE.

In our current system there is a variation in services being offered across the community. As a result: 

     - Not all Brighton single-family homes have access to recycling service. 

     - Not all single-family homes have comprehensive services like recycling and yard debris collection. 

     - Taxpayers pay more for road damage caused by too many heavy trash trucks, and streets have more traffic than necessary

     - Haulers aren't held accountable for poor customer service or ever-increasing prices

With a city contract, residents will receive higher customer service standards due to the high volume of customers associated with the contract. The hauler can be fined when it doesn’t meet these standards, and the contract can be terminated by the city if the hauler does not meet the terms of the contract. Additionally, the city can require a local customer service contact to be available to immediately address customer service calls.  

In The Media

Trash hauler opinions sought- City to survey residents about moving to single trash collection company, by the Brighton Standard Blade. Access the full article HERE.

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