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  1. Winter Driving Safety


SAFETY REMINDER: It's that time of year again! The unexpected can happen with snow and ice on the road. Colorado Department of Transportation has provided some tips for driving in winter weather:
  • Take a little extra time to clear your car of snow and ice before leaving for your destination.
  • There are three actions you do most when you drive: accelerate, turn, and brake. In winter weather, you should only do one of those actions at a time. Attempting more than one of these actions at once can cause slide-outs, spin-outs, and other harmful scenarios.
  • When traveling downhill, if possible, switch to a lower gear, and gently tap your brakes. This helps to avoid burning your brakes, and in winter weather, it helps keep traction.
  • Keep momentum when traveling uphill to avoid getting stuck.
  • When driving at night, keep your headlight beams low. High beams can amplify the appearance of snow and lead to decreased visibility.
  • Slow down – driving too fast for conditions causes most crashes.
    If you encounter a multi-car collision, stay in your car. You’re safer in your car than outside of it.
  • Follow Colorado’s Left Lane Law. No matter the season, keep right except to pass.
  • Signage is your best friend – look ahead and plan ahead for abrupt turns or stops.
  • Always wear your seat belt.
  • Never drive impaired.