Youth Strength and Development

At the foundation of training youth is the philosophy that ALL children should be provided the opportunity to develop their physical, mental, and social skills.

 A 2 day/week comprehensive 60-minute program that is designed for children ages 11-14. The first 30 minutes of the workout is spent on movement and power which includes an active warm up, linear and lateral speed development, power development, quickness, plyometrics (jumping), and core strengthening. The second part of the workout is dedicated to explosive power and strength, increasing overall body strength and various forms of conditioning. The workout consists of functionally sound movement and strength training with a strong focus on basic and proper technique. The workout becomes progressively more challenging once basic movements have been mastered. 

Call Assistant Fitness Coordinator, Elizabeth, at 303-655-2066

Age Day Date Time Cost
11-14 Mon/Thu March 2 - 30 5 p.m. $50
11-14 Mon/Thu May 1 - 29 5 p.m. $50
11-14 Mon/Thu June 1 - 29 5 p.m. $50
11-14 Mon/Thu July 3 - 31 5 p.m. $50
11-14 Mon/Thu August 3 -31 5 p.m. $50