Silver Strong Weightlifting

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Healthy bones, strength and range of motion are essential to a happy and healthy lifestyle. This class is spent in the weight room learning how to correctly use the equipment for a safe and effective workout. A personal trainer will safely guide you through a workout each time your group meets. This senior class will be full of fun and knowledge. Come join the best of the best and become even better! 

Sessions run the full month. Renew Active Members, Silver Sneakers & Silver Fit: FREE (Registration Required)

Cost: $24 OR $12 for September and Friday only sessions (includes a 50% senior discount) 

Please note Silver Strong for the month of September is discounted due to shutdown September 12-25. Closed Sept 5, 11-23, Nov 25 & Dec 25

Note: A medical evaluation and physician’s release is required. If you plan on attending multiple sessions please register for those sessions so that your spot is reserved  

Fall 2023

silver strong fall schedule