Mitchell Park, Open Space and Lake

In 2003 Robert Armstrong submitted a naming petition for the property located at 889 Kinglet Court to be name Mitchell Park, Open Space and Lake. 

Kenneth Mitchell served the City of Brighton by serving as a Brighton City Council person from 1964 through 2003. During the past 39 years Mr. Mitchell has served the community as a member of the City's Planning Commission and served Brighton as the City's representative on the Denver Regional Council of Governments Executive Board, Adams County Board of Zoning and the Adams County Water Quality Board.  Mr. Mitchell's Service on these regional  boards has allowed the City to prosper and develop as a free standing community that blends the qualities of growth with adequate infrastructure for the people of the community.

Mr. Mitchell had dedicated a majority of his years of service to the City be lending his vast expertise in the areas of storm drainage and water quality issues.  Over a decade ago, Mr Ken Mitchell promoted the need for the City to have a decreed water augmentation plan that would solidify the City's water supply for the future.  One of the key elements is the storage of water to allow for releases of water during the winter months to replenish the South Platte River of the water pumped by the City for municipal purposes.  Mr. Mitchell's vision was directed toward 200 acres of farmland that abuts the South Platte River is strategically located to be the greatest benefit for the City's Water Augmentation Plan.  Mr. Mitchell assisted the City staff in reviving the negotiations for the purchase of the land by the City when it appeared that an impasse had been reached between the city staff and landowners.  When the Platte River Ranch Subdivision was created, it was Mr. Mitchell's vision to develop a park that abutted the Bromley Lakes as the entrance to a fishing lake that would also meet the City's needs for water storage as well.  This consistent vision for the land as a recreational, open space and water storage area is why the City now owns the Bromley Lakes property and has a park on the east side of the lakes that will allow the City to complete the vision Mr. Mitchell has espoused for the past decade.