Carmichael Park

In 2011 the City of Brighton received a naming petition from Pat Lindgren Hamilton to re-name the park behind Brighton City Hall "Carmichael Park".  In her submission Pat included letters from her second grade class (class of 04 & 05) supporting the naming of the park, those letters are attached here.  Here is what Pat (and her students) had to say about Daniel Carmichael:

Daniel Carmichael founded/named Brighton; built Brighton's first business block and bank; donated land for Brighton's first church; built a 2 story opera house; leased his home for Adams County's first courthouse; and served as Brighton's third mayor.  I believe it would be fitting for a man who gave us our beginnings and demonstrated great vision and leadership for Brighton to have the present Campbell Park named after him.  This location is in or near his original property.

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