The Name behind the Park

Have you ever wondered how the parks in Brighton got their names?  In order for a park to be named the Parks & Recreation staff needs to receive a naming petition from a resident and on that form they need to provide their name submission and describe in 75 words or less why they think the park should be named that.  Along with that they are required to get at least 25 signatures from Brighton residents who are 18 or older.  The naming petition is then taken to the Parks & Recreation Advisory Board (PRAB) where the members discuss whether they want the petitioner to come to a future meeting and schedule a public meeting for them to present their name submission.  Once the public meeting is scheduled the petitioner attends and explains to the members why they think they should recommend that the park be named what they suggested. The members may ask questions and then one of them can make a motion to recommend to city council that they name the park the suggested name.  It then goes from the PRAB meeting to a city council meeting to be voted on the name. Once City Council names the park, the parks & recreation staff have a sign made and in most cases a dedication is scheduled to unveil the name to the public.  If you click on the park names to the left it will give you a description of the information submitted in the naming petition and on the parks that were named after 2006 there are dedication pictures.