Goat Keeping Pilot Program

On February 2, 2021, City Council approved a new pilot program to permit miniature goats on residential properties. The pilot program will run from March 1, 2021 to March 1, 2023, with 10 permits offered. The terms of the program include: 

  • Only disbudded female miniature goats will be allowed (24.5-inches tall at withers)
  • No more or less than two (2) goats per property
  • Goats would be considered household pets and count towards the maximum of four (4) allowed per property
  • Rabies vaccination would be required
  • No on-site breeding or slaughter
  • Only allowed on single-family detached properties with landowner permission
  • Permits required (inspections, test on goat care, waste management plan approved, fee of $100 to cover the permit review, test and two inspections, and periodic inspections by community services officers (CSOs)

All of the details and requirements for the goat keeping program can be found in the Ordinance approved by City Council located in the Quick Links area on this page. In addition, we are providing an educational document to help you anticipate the unique needs of miniature goats. This educational document also serves as the basis for the Goat Keeping and Care Test and contains additional resources to help in your goat keeping journey. 

Of the ten permits available, only one has been issued. If you are interested in keeping goats, there are several steps and inspections in the review process for Goat Keeping Permits. They are as follows:

  • The applicant submits a goat keeping permit application and any necessary building permit applications.
  • City staff reviews the goat keeping application and scores the test (building permits are reviewed concurrently, but through a different process).
  • If all goat keeping requirements are met, City staff calls the applicant to schedule an inspection for the enclosure and shelter.
  • Once required building permits are issued, the applicant will construct the enclosure and the shelter and request inspection from the Building Inspector.
  • City staff conducts inspection of the enclosure and the shelter.
  • If approved, City staff contacts the CSO team.
  • The CSO team contacts the applicant to schedule an inspection of the goats.
  • The applicant brings the goats to the property.
  • The CSO team inspects the goats for compliance with the ordinance.
  • If approved, the CSO team contacts City staff to issue the permit.
  • The Building Permit Counter issues the goat keeping permit.
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