Private Swim Coaching

We are excited to offer one-on-one or small group swim coaching to help you reach your goals!

Private swim coaching is appropriate for swimmers ages 10-110 who can swim laps independently for up to one hour. The coaches will help you work on your fitness, endurance, speed, and technique goals in the pool. Private swim coaching is not swim lessons.

These are offered at a time negotiated between you and your coach. Put in a request to be paired with a coach at the following link:

Semi-private coaching is for 2-3 swimmers with one coach. The fee is per participant, and participants must provide the additional participant(s) to make it a semi-private session.

Prices for Swim Coaching:
Private Youth Coaching (10-18 years)$20 per one-hour session
Private Adult Coaching (19+ years)
$30 per one-hour session
Semi-Private Youth Coaching (10-18 years)$15 per one-hour session per participant
Semi-Private Adult Coaching (19+ years)$20 per one-hour session per participant