Capital Project Report Card

The Capital Project Dashboard allows residents to view progress on major capital projects budgeted for the current year. Capital projects are permanent additions to or expansions of the City's assets, including design, construction, and purchase of land, buildings, and facilities. The City of Brighton utilizes separate funds to budget and track capital projects dependent on their function. These include the Capital Improvement Fund, Parks Capital Improvement Fund, Lottery Fund, Cemetery Fund, Water Fund, Wastewater Fund, and Storm Drainage Fund.

How to Use the Capital Project Report Card

Below is a summary of key projects occurring in the current year separated by the fund. Click the button next to each fund to bring up the Capital Project Report Card for that fund. Project names appear at the left with progress reported in the rightmost column under "Status." Descriptions of what each Status means can be found at the top of the report card in a color-coded key. Details regarding what has caused a project delay or disruption may be found in the center column under "Description" along with information on how the project will be addressed moving forward. This report card reflects work as of September 31, 2023 and is updated quarterly. 

A full list of projects occurring this year, as well as more detailed information about project status, may be found below each Capital Project Report Card by downloading the Capital Project Report. 

  1. Lottery Fund
  2. Capital Improvement Fund
  3. Parks Improvement Fund
  4. Water Fund
  5. Wastewater Fund
  6. Storm Drainage Fund
  7. Cemetery Fund

→ Complete
Project is complete.

→ On Track
Project will be completed in original time frame.

→ Delay
Project is delayed but will still be completed.

→ Disruption
Project is unlikely to continue as planned.

Speer Canal Trail

This project is in the final stages of construction and the new trail will be open for use around the end of the year.

In Progress

For more detailed information about project status, please download the Capital Project Report below:

Lottery Fund Capital Project Report - Q3 2023

Contact for more information regarding the Capital Projects Report Card.