Ages 3-5 years  *Class will be held in the lap pool when possible*

This class is for students that have successfully passed Guppies. The Minnows pre-requisite skills are:

  • Independent front glide with flutter kicks in the streamline position
  • Independent back glide with flutter kicks in the streamline position
  • Introductory independent freestyle for 5 yards
  • Introductory independent backstroke for 5 yards
  • Elementary backstroke (chicken-airplane-soldier) with assistance
  • Introductory understanding of breathing while swimming
  • Do a front float, flip on their back and float for at least 10 seconds, yell for help
  • Water safety skills

Students will continue independent swimming progressions in this class. In order to pass the class, student must demonstrate all skills from prior levels as well as proficiently demonstrating:

  • Freestyle with rhythmic breathing for 1/2 length of lap pool
  • Backstroke for 1/2 length of lap pool
  • Elementary backstroke for 1/2 length of lap pool
  • Introductory whip kick on front

Students that successfully pass this class and who are at a developmentally appropriate level, with the approval of the instructor and aquatics management, will be able to participate in Level 3.

Not all Minnows students will progress to Level 3 before turning 6! It is very normal to have to repeat swim levels as your child learns, grows, and becomes more aware of the way their body is moving. Level 3 requires fine motor skills that are developed later in childhood for most kiddos. 

For availability and registration, call 303-655-2200, or see available lessons online.