Tree Limb and Yard Waste drop off sites

The City of Brighton provides a free tree limb drop off site for residents who live in the city limits of Brighton, please call 305-655-2054 to schedule a drop off (please call one business day in advance of when you want to drop off limbs). Proof of residency is required.  Tree limb drop off site is not open on weekends or holidays.

If you live outside the Brighton city limits you can drop off your tree limbs at Select Materials located in Fort Lupton. They will accept the first drop off for free and then charge $20 a load after that no matter the size. If you have yard waste that you need to dispose of you can drop it off at Select Materials. They accept leaves, brush, green waste, branches, sticks, pallets, logs, trees, grubbing's, grass clippings and other natural waste.  This service is free for the first load and $20 for every load after that, and the only thing they require is that there is NO trash or plastics in the waste.

Select Materials is located at 17269 County Road 12, Fort Lupton, phone 303-857-4688. Hours are Mon - Fri 7 a.m.-4 p.m. View Select Materials.

Map to Select Materials location