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Contractor Licensing

Contractor licensing provisions protect the health, safety and welfare of the general public and to preserve life, limb and the value of property within the City, by assuring that building and construction contractors working within the City are appropriately qualified and duly licensed.

Contractor License Required

  • A contractor license is required for any person, firm, partnership, corporation, association or any combination thereof which undertakes to perform any of the work for which a license is authorized in this Article within the City for any compensation.
  • The following are excepted from the requirements of this Article:
    • Any person performing work under the direction of a licensed contractor;
    • An owner performing work on his or her own personal residence and buildings accessory thereto. Pursuant to this exception, he or she may construct only one (1) residence as his or her personal residence within a period of three (3) consecutive years;
    • Owners of commercial buildings may, at the discretion of the Building Official, be issued permits for minor remodel projects not involving structural changes, such as relocations of counters, construction of partitions and facade, provided that, in the opinion of the Building Official, the building owner is capable of doing the work. All electrical and plumbing work must be done by licensed electricians and licensed plumbers respectively;
    • Public utility companies and water and sanitation districts when engaged in the installation, operation and maintenance of equipment used in production or service from their source through the facilities owned or operated by such utility company to the point of customer service;
    • Contractors installing fabricated or manufactured units such as cabinets, counter tops, storm windows, carpet, gutters, downspouts and landscaping materials; and
    • Electrical contractors registered pursuant to Article 15-12.

Responsibility of Licensee and Electrical Code Registrants

Contractors licensed as provided in this Article and persons registered pursuant to the Electrical Code under Article 15-12 of this Code shall be responsible for the proper conduct of their business in the City, to include:

  • Obtaining required permits before commencing work;
  • Completion of construction in accordance with drawings and specifications filed and approved and permit issued by the City, except for good cause and/or under City-approved changes;
  • Calling for all required inspections and giving twenty-four-hour minimum notice;
  • Maintaining building plans, permits and inspection records on the job site accessible to City inspectors;
  • Providing adequate job site sanitary facilities and safety measures to protect workers and the general public;
  • Paying for all licenses and fees as required by the City's fees and charges resolution; and
  • Proper supervision of all subcontractors and employees.

Application for License

  • Applicants for a contractor license and for Electrical Code registration pursuant to Article 15-12 of this Code shall submit an application form provided by the City and pay the required application fees. Such form shall be accurately completed and signed by the applicant.
  • Any applicant for a contractor license shall establish his or her competence to perform the activities authorized by the license to the satisfaction of the Building Official.

License Classifications

The following classes of contractor licenses are established and the holder of each license shall be authorized to perform work permitted by such license. All licenses shall be valid for twelve (12) months from the date of issue.

  • Class A - Unlimited General Contractor. The holder of this license shall be authorized to construct, alter, repair or demolish any building or structure.
  • Class B - Limited General Contractor. The holder of this license shall be authorized to construct Type III, IV or V buildings which do not exceed three (3) stories in height and which would not be used for Group E or I Occupancy. This class license authorizes interior nonstructural work on all building types and all occupancy groups. The holder may perform work authorized by C and D class licenses.
  • Class C - Residential General Contractor. The holder of this license shall be authorized to construct, alter, repair or demolish residential buildings not exceeding three (3) stories in height above grade and not involving reinforced concrete above grade. The holder may perform work authorized by a Class D or E license.
  • Class D - Jobbing Contractor. The holder of this license shall be authorized to construct, alter, repair or demolish non-habitable buildings or portions of buildings or structures such as private garages, carports, patios, sheds, swimming pools, fences and signs. The license holder may also perform work authorized by a Class E license.
  • Class E - Specialty Trades. The holder of this license shall be authorized to perform one (1) specified building trade such as house mover, mobile home setup, masonry, concrete flatwork, framing, drywall, roofing, glazing, irrigation systems, fire protection systems, elevator systems, security systems, solar energy collection/conversion systems, drain laying, water and sewer mains and paving, but shall not authorize electrical or mechanical work or connections to a potable water system.
  • Class P - Plumbing Contractor. The holder of this license shall be authorized to perform all work described in the adopted plumbing code. This class license shall be issued to an individual, or to a business entity employing, in a supervisory capacity, an individual holding a current and valid State Master's Plumbing License.
  • Class M - Mechanical Contractor. The holder of this license shall be authorized to construct, install, repair or alter all mechanical systems described in the adopted mechanical code, but shall not authorize electrical work or connections to a potable water system.

Insurance Required

Before any contractor license shall be issued to an applicant, the applicant shall furnish to the Building Official a certificate of general liability insurance in favor of the City and valid for the period of the license. Coverage shall not be less than one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000.00) for injury or death to one (1) person and three hundred thousand dollars ($300,000.00) for injury or death to more than one (1) person in any single accident or event, and not less than fifty thousand dollars ($50,000.00) for property damage or destruction. Lapse of insurance shall render the license suspended until such insurance is reinstated.

License Nontransferable

A change in name or ownership of a licensed business entity shall have the legal effect of terminating the license. All such changes shall be reported to the Building Official and a new license applied for. Licenses are not transferable.

Suspension or Revocation of License

  • The City Council shall have the right to suspend or revoke a contractor license for violation of the provisions of this Article or violation of any other ordinance, code or statute in effect within the City.
  • The City Manager shall notify the licensee in writing by certified mail or by personal service at least seven (7) calendar days prior to the City Council meeting at which the suspension or revocation is to be considered.

Denial of License

The Building Official may deny an application for a license or license renewal under this Article upon a determination that:

  • The applicant has provided false information on the application form;
  • The applicant is not qualified by education, training or experience to perform the work authorized by the license; or
  • The applicant has previously failed to comply with ordinances and regulations of the City relating to contractor licenses or construction.

Appellate Review for Denial or Renewal

  • The Board of Appeals, as established under Article 15-4 of this Code, shall hear any appeal submitted by an applicant whose contractor license application or renewal has been denied by the Building Official.
  • The applicant shall submit his or her appeal in writing to the Board of Appeals within ten (10) calendar days after his or her application has been denied.
  • The Board of Appeals, after a hearing, shall determine whether the City abused its discretion in denying the application for a license authorized in this Article.
  • The Board of Appeals shall make its decision in writing, and shall have the decision delivered to the applicant by certified mail or personal service within thirty (30) days of the hearing. The City shall immediately act in accordance with the decision.