Parks & Recreation 

500 S. 4th Ave.
Brighton, CO 80601



500 S. 4th Ave
Brighton, CO 80601

Brighton, CO 80601


Name Title Email Phone
Wardle, Gary Director 303-655-2135
Secord, Dianne Admin. Asst. III / Webmaster 303-655-2124
Haines, Travis Assistant Director of Parks & Open Space 303-655-2086
Heidt, Mark Assistant Director of Development 303-655-2170
Hulett, Jeffrey Assistant Director of Recreation Services 303-655-2206


14800 Old Brighton Road
Brighton, CO 80601



Name Title Email Phone
Corr, Aaron Cemetery Manager 303-655-2090
Martinez, Monique Administrative Assistant II 303-655-2090

Eagle View Adult Center 

1150 Prairie Center Parkway
Brighton, CO 80601


The Eagle View Adult Center is dedicated to the overall social, educational, outreach and wellness needs of seniors and active adults.
Name Title Email Phone
Corbett, Sue Center Manager 303-655-2076
Martinez, Gayle Administrative Asst. II 303-655-2080
Harris, Christina Assistant Coordinator 303-655-2187
Singer, Donna Sr. Recreation Coordinator 303-655-2077
Eichem, Becky Customer Service Rep 303-655-2075
Marquez, Ermie Outreach Coordinator 303-655-2079

Parks & Open Space 

807 Voiles St.
Brighton, CO 80601


The Parks and Open Space division works to maintain the beauty and usability of all the city parks.
Name Title Email Phone
Haines, Travis Assistant Director of Parks & Open Space 303-655-2086
Sylvester, Kyle Open Space Manager / City Forester 303-655-2089
Channell, Troy Parks Supervisor 303-655-2274
Adkins, Toni Administrative Assistant 303-655-2054

Recreation Center 

555 N.11th Avenue
Brighton, CO 80601



Name Title Email Phone
Hulett, Jeffrey Assistant Director Recreation Services 303-655-2206
Gutierrez, Nancy Adminstrative Assistant 303-655-2202
Aburto, Amanda Sports Coordinator 303-655-2203
Belsterling, Allison Youth Specialist 303-655-2225
Gray, Casey Assistant Coordinator Youth 303-655-2209
Lehr, Carleen Recreation Supervisor Sports 303-655-2208
Flinn, Charles Facilities Coordinator 303-655-2204
Gundy, Kristen Recreation Supervisor Fitness/Wellness 303-655-2228
Krolopp, Taylor Pool Manager 303-655-2211
Lemke, Trisha Recreation Specialist Fitness 303-655-2235
Mansfield, Marianne Rec. Supervisor Operations & Prog. 303-655-2219
Rodriguez, Valerie Assistant Coordinator General Interest 303-655-2221
Vigil, Lance Rental Specialist 303-655-2230
Workman, John Recreation Supervisor Aquatics 303-655-2212
Yazdani, Angela Pool Manager 303-655-2213