T-Ball is an exciting program for 5 & 6 year-olds. This program is designed to develop skills, sportsmanship and t-ballcoordination. We encourage the parents to be involved. Parents will be asked to coach the teams. If there is not a coach for the team, there is a possibility the team will not play. This league is instructional, (similar to our Lil' Kicker Program).

Coaches Meeting: Saturday, June 2nd at 9am

2018 Brighton Recreation Center T-ball
Registration Deadline: May 21st Season: June 8th- July 20th
AgeTeamsGames & Practices
5&6 Year Olds
7-9 playersFriday Evenings 5-8pm
6 Game Season
Parent Volunteers120006A-P$40

Schedules will be available a week prior to games.
Equipment: Each coach will have an equipment bag (containing a tee & balls).
Each child will be responsible for providing his/her own glove and bat.
Umpires: Coach Officiated.
Duration of Game: 45 minutes or until each team has batted three times.

Systems of Play:

The ball is not pitched, but hit off a tee located in back of home plate and in line with it.  The batter may not swing at the ball until the pitcher has made a pitching motion from the pitching rubber.  The pitching and catching positions must be occupied by a different player each inning of play.  Players are not permitted to steal or lead off bases.  Base runners may only advance one base at a time.  No player shall bat more than once per inning.  When everyone has batted once, teams shall change sides.  Each team will put all of their players in the field.  The additional player must be in the outfield.  A (10) foot arc shall be drawn in front of home plate, and a ball must be hit out of this area to be considered a fair ball.  Both  teams are winners.