Building Safety and Permitting

Building Division & One-Stop Customer Service Center 

The City of Brighton provides a progressive effort to facilitate a true "One-Stop" experience for developers, builders, and business owners, as well as the community that we serve.

We will assist you with all levels of permitting and licensing, including all business, sales tax, and contractor's licensing, building permits, temporary and event permits, right of way permits, bonding, as well as inspections and general development coordination.

Brighton offers E-Services!
Our online service allows inspections to be scheduled via an easy online application. Please email a technician at the Brighton One-Stop Customer Service Counter if you would like more information about this service, and/or to register for online services.

Already registered?  - Quick Link to Brighton's E-Services for scheduling inspections online.

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One-Stop Customer Service Center -

(303) 655-2017

Inspection Line:

(303) 655-2151

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Financial guarantee will be requested for any work done in the public right-of-way, or for public infrastructure construction.  Please see a complete list of bond document templates and related policies.