Lock Box Program



LOCK BOX PROGRAM                                                  

Providing a house key for use by rescue personnel

A program available to senior citizens and others who occasionally find themselves in need of emergency assistance.


The Brighton Police Department provides lock boxes similar to those used by real estate agents to hold a spare house key.  The lock box hangs securely over the neck of a doorknob or mounted in an alternate location outside the home.  The presence of a lock box does not interfere with the normal use of the door or the lock.

Your address and the lock box combination are flagged at our dispatch center, ADCOM, Adams County Communications.  If emergency assistance is needed, the dispatch card is automatically populated with the lock box code. 

This program is provided at no cost to the resident.


To be eligible, you must:

  • Live in a private home or apartment
  • Reside within the City limits of Brighton
  • Have permission from the owner if you rent the home
  • Provide a spare house key
  • Sign a release and agree to return the lock box if you no longer wish to participate in the program.


Address and lock box combinations are given to only rescue personnel by dispatch

The information is kept secure until needed

The combination can be changed after it has been given to rescue personnel.  This will minimize the number of people who know the code.

For further information, contact Sharon Stillwell @sstillwell@brightonco.gov or 303-655-2321.